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Touch Think 10.1" Industrial Display Designed for Special Vehicles

With the continuous maturity of the Internet of things technology, the automotive electronic application market driven by intelligent connected vehicle technology is expanding rapidly. Among them, as an important component of the vehicle human-computer interaction interface, vehicle display also ushered in a period of rapid development.


According to the data released by the authoritative organization in the industry, the automobile display market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 17% from 2018 to 2022 and will be close to 10 billion US dollars by 2022.


It can be predicted that the huge market potential of the vehicle-mounted display will attract more and more intelligent hardware equipment enterprises.


When it comes to vehicle monitor, most customers are familiar with cars, buses, and other common models. However, in some special scenarios, such as trams, large mechanical vehicles, heavy cars, and AGV forklifts, the vehicle display equipment is also essential.


Facing such a wide range of vehicle display categories on the market, how can users choose the vehicle display products with more guaranteed quality and more suitable for their own application in special application scenarios?


Touch Think smart 10.1-inch new vehicle display intelligent terminal will be a good choice.


01. New products designed for the special purpose

Based on the industry background of Internet of things, and the rapid growth demand of vehicle-mounted display application market, Touch Think, as a top leading supplier of professional touch display equipment, comprehensively considers its own product characteristics and advantages, quickly locks in the application field of vehicle-mounted display, and introduces 10.1-inch vehicle-mounted series new products specially designed for special vehicles.


This launch of the new vehicle-mounted display, combined with mining truck operation collection and monitoring solution, helping users achieve transportation and mining data collection, monitoring vehicle function, use data, and vehicle's efficient, accurate positioning and other functions, greatly improving the efficiency of vehicle integrated management.


The new 10.1-inch small size monitor saves space for the cab and brings a large screen display angle of viewing. For the special use environment of the mining truck, the new IP65 industrial-grade dustproof and waterproof performance, working temperature is - 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃, meeting the high requirements of the special outdoor scene.


In terms of configuration, the display terminal has a built-in Android operating system. It adopts the RK3399 six-core ARM industrial-grade motherboard. The running memory is 4G and hard disk storage is 32G. The overall operation performance is more stable, which ensures 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation under high load.


In addition, in response to the mine using environment, this industrial display terminal has a built-in GPS positioning system, combined with 4G communication Network module function and internal structure electromagnetic interference layout, which ensures efficient interconnection between vehicles and avoid unnecessary trouble caused by signal loss.


As the new vehicle monitor designed by Touch Think, thanks to the advantages of good adaptation to the harsh use sites of mining trucks, the vehicle monitors offering more special vehicle-mounted display scenes, such as heavy construction vehicles and forklift display.


02. Expanding application: large construction vehicle

In the construction of pavement engineering, heavy construction vehicle/equipment as important implementation equipment, including crane, excavator, pavement roller, and mixing system, is to ensure the progress and quality of the project.


As new equipment combined with the Internet, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies, the vehicle-mounted display enables the project construction site to realize "man-machine interconnection", which conducts real-time monitoring, timely early warning, record traceability and so on.


Similar to the mining truck's using environment, in the road construction heavy construction vehicle use scene, the product needs to adapt the dusty, high temperature, and other outdoor harsh environments.


At the same time, the heavy construction vehicles have special interface requirements of display terminal CAN interface, Touch Think offers customized service for the vehicle's monitors, adopting high-quality aviation connector, anti-vibration, and falling-off resistance design, its application advantages are more obvious.


03. Expand application: forklift display

A forklift is an industrial handling vehicle, which is widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, logistics transfer centers, etc., and it is the essential equipment for pallet cargo handling, materials handling, transportation, and other operations.


As the touch display center of forklift, the all-in-one tablet PC has the functions of operation datasheet display, equipment status monitoring, forklift movement positioning prompt, etc.


This new industrial monitor designed for vehicles support 9-36V wide-voltage operation, meeting the design requirements of forklift wide voltage power supply, the MTBF up to 5000-8000 hours, high reliability, and support long-term uninterrupted and stable operation for the forklift.


At the same time, thanks to the Android operating system, the tablet PC has strong compatibility and operation ability, which support user-related programming settings, such as AGV forklift, and support programming settings such as navigation, guidance, path selection, vehicle drive, loading, and unloading operation, so as to achieve the goal of automatic operation.


In addition, due to the diversity and complexity of special vehicle display application scenarios, the personalized customization requirements of user touch display devices are high.


Depending on the Touch Think company's excellent customized service system, we can meet the customized requirements of most users, the customized items including installation mode, functional modules, use environment, quality testing, and so on.


In summary, this vehicle display products produced by Touch Think focus on the application of special vehicles and it's going to explore and develop more special vehicle display application fields and provide better quality, more reliable products and more perfect solutions for users for the vehicle display product selection.


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