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Industrial All-in-one Panel PC Used In Smart Charging Pile

According to public data, the global sales of new energy passenger vehicles exceeded 2 million in 2018, reaching a historic data, 2018247, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles reached 2.1%; in 2019, the global sales of 2209831 new energy passenger vehicles increased by 9.5% year on year, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles reached 2.5%.


With the continuous promotion of a sustainable development strategy in China, the application and promotion of new energy vehicles have become a popular industry. As a cause conducive to environmental protection and energy conservation, the government is also constantly introducing relevant promotion policies to accelerate the replacement of domestic new energy vehicles. At present, the market prospect of domestic new energy vehicles is very promising.



The charging pile market will officially enter the 2.0 era in China


The vigorous promotion and popularization of new energy vehicles greatly promote the construction of smart charging piles. As one of the key industries of new infrastructure construction, smart charging piles will integrate digital technologies such as communication, Cloud computing, smart grid, Internet of vehicles, etc., forming the development goal of domestic smart charging Networks.


Some professionals in the industry said that from the gradual integration of information digital technology, China's charging pile market will officially enter the 2.0 era.


At the same time, according to the estimation of the International Energy Agency, the global public charging piles are expected to be 10-20 million in 2030, with a total charging capacity of 70-124TWh. As the main market of new energy, if the Chinese market accounts for 40% of the global market share of charging piles, the scale of its charging pile equipment and service market will exceed 500 billion Yuan in 2020-2030.


It can be predicted that in the future, the market prospect of the intelligent charging pile will bring a huge application market for many industries.


Touch Think industrial Android all-in-one panel PC used in the intelligent new energy intelligent charging pile solution


In the composition of the intelligent charging piles system, touch display equipment, as one of the essential parts, will also usher in new market opportunities. However, the intelligent charging pile is often exposed outdoors, and the outdoor environment is complex and harsh, so the industrial-grade touch display equipment is more favored by users.


Here, let's take Touch Think touch display products as an example to see what is the demands for touch display equipment application in the intelligent charging pile.


1) Application products: Touch Think 2nd-GEN industrial Android all-in-one PC


2) Product advantages:


The thickness of the front bezel is only 3mm. Embedded mounting is suitable for the charging pile, which offers a highly seamless appearance, and the built-in waterproof strip on the front panel also ensures reliable performance in the outdoor environments. Combined with the front panel, it reaches IP65 industrial-grade dust-proof and waterproof, which effectively prevent dust, water drops, and other impurities from entering the interior of the panel PC, adapts to the outdoor use scene of the charging pile, and effectively prolong the service life.


For the intelligent charging pile, small display size industrial all-in-one panel PCs are more popular with users, such as 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10.1-inch panel PCs.


Touch Think industrial all-in-one PC supports HDMI and VGA high-definition signal input. The main menu of charging pile include communication status, charging gun connection status, administrator login, version information, operation instructions, and other information, HD industrial-grade monitor offers clear display effect.



The Android 7.1 operating system (optional other versions) is built in the Touch Think all-in-one tablet, which provides SDK software development kit, the charging piles support to compatible with all kinds of Apps, easy for the car owner to connect the mobile phone through QR code/applet, remote display charging mode, and the mobile phone terminal support display multiple information including consuming amount, charging power, charging time, full-charging prompt, etc.


For the configuration of industrial panel PC in this solution, the upgraded configuration is suggested, high-performance RK3399 on-board, The running memory, and hard disk storage can be upgraded to the combination of high configurations: 4G and 32G. In addition, the mainboard is self-developed by Touch Think, offering stable and reliable performance. In terms of the Network protocols, RJ45 and GPRS / 3G / 4G are available, providing remote centralized monitoring and batch management for charging pile data.


In addition, Touch Think offers functional modules customization service for the all-in-one panel PCs, such as the customized infrared light sensor, which supports automatic adjustment for the screen brightness according to the ambient environment brightness. The screen can also be displayed clearly at night. What's more, this industrial panel PC supports GPS, camera, NFC card recognition, fingerprint acquisition, and other module functions.


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