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7" Industrial Monitor Applies To The Portable Speedometer

With the development of science and technology, people's lives have changed dramatically. More and more modern technologies are gradually applied to all aspects of life. As one of the important branches of social stability and development, the intelligent transportation system has been gradually improved. By using advanced technologies such as information technology, computer technology, data communication technology, sensor technology, electronic control technology, automatic control theory, Operation Research, artificial intelligence, etc., it can be effectively used in transportation, service control, and vehicle manufacturing, and strengthen the connection among vehicles, roads, and users to ensure traffic safety, improve efficiency, improve the environment, and save energy.

 7" Industrial Monitor Applies To The Portable Speedometer

In the intelligent transportation system, intelligent equipment, as a powerful assistant of the executor, is applied in various scenes such as road signs, traffic workstations, mobile law enforcement, etc. As common intelligent transportation equipment, the speedometer is mainly divided into the fixed speedometer and portable speedometer.


The fixed speedometer uses the vehicle speedometer fixed on the pole frame, gantry, or speed measuring box to measure the speed, which is widely used in the expressway. The portable speedometer support hand-held, tripod mounted, and vehicle-mounted. It can be used in various industries due to its flexibility.


Application of Touch Think industrial monitor in the portable speedometer


Up to now, there are many kinds of portable speedometers on the market. Among them, there is a portable type integrated with touch display equipment. Take a Touch Think application as an example, let's see what users need in the application of a portable speedometer?

 7" Industrial Monitor Applies To The Portable Speedometer

(1) Application product: Touch Think 7-inch industrial-grade touch screen monitor.


(2) Advantages of industrial monitor used in the portable speedometer :


· The thickness of the front panel of the monitor is only 3mm. It is slim and light, convenient to carry outdoors.


· The 7-inch display size is excellent for this portable speedometer, which can be disassembled and operated separately, it is convenient for the operator to use on-site.


· This touch monitor is produced with strong compatibility, supports high-precision radar positioning of the speedometer, quickly grasp and recognize license plate, and accurately locate.


· The true flat front panel reaches IP65 industrial-grade dust-proof and waterproof, meeting the outdoor multi dust and multi water use scenarios.


· The monitor adopts Touch Think self-developed industrial driver board, which has highly guarantee of quality and long-time stable performance and higher cost performance, and supports 7 * 24h long-term barrier-free operation of the portable speedometer.


· Touch Think offers module function customization service for the portable speedometer equipped with an industrial touch monitor, so as to realize intelligent recognition algorithm, including license plate, car color, vehicle model, vehicle logo, dangerous goods vehicle, and other intelligent recognition function.


·The monitor built-with a camera, assist the operator to collect pictures/videos of illegal activities, such as over speed, retrograde, occupation of the emergency lane and so on.


·Flexible control and fast response is required for the portable speedometer during on-site operation, so it adopts the multi-point capacitive touch screen technology for the monitor, the response speed is less than 15ms, providing a

 sensitive intelligent operation experience.


·The small monitor supports various Networking modes, including WiFi and 3G / 4G modules, to meet the Networking requirements of the outdoor mobile speedometer.


·The hard disk storage upgrading is available and supports expanding the Cloud space to send back data to the management platform in real-time, which is convenient for user management.


· The portable speedometer with industrial touch monitor offers abundant interfaces for connecting external devices, such as the printer to meet the field printing requirements.


· Industrial touch screen monitor support all-weather operation for day and night.


· Industrial wide temperature operation screen is adopted for the monitor, the working temperature is -20°C to 60°C.


Besides the application of this portable speedometer, Touch Think industrial touch screen monitors offer many other excellent performance cases in the intelligent transportation fields, such as the fleet management, road traffic monitoring, toll station access control, train station access control system, etc.



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