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Touch Think Industrial All In One PC Used In Medical Carts

As a part of hospital infrastructure, medical cart is widely used in registration, payment, treatment, nursing, surgery, rehabilitation and other medical scenes solutions. With the development of Internet technology and industry penetration, intelligent medicine conception has gradually received more and more medical attention, which also makes many medical facilities get greater improvement, which also include the medical carts.


The traditional medical cart is equivalent to a metal mobile shelf, which is mainly used for storing medicines, patient supplies, patient paper documents and other items for medical staff. However, in some application scenarios such as Nurse's rounds and operating rooms, due to the need to carry a large number of patient information documents and consult the patient's medical history, the traditional medical carts are unable to meet the needs. Then the intelligent medical carts equipped with the all-in-one computer have been widely used in hospitals..


Intelligent application of medical cart

Due to the long-time running, waterproof and diversified scenes, more medical users are more inclined to choose industrial grade all-in-one PC products with high stability and customization functions. As the top leading manufacturer of touch control all-in-one PC, Touch Think not only focuses on the field of industrial intelligent automation, but also has accumulated a lot of medical products application experience, one of which is the medical cart.


1) Application product: Touch Think fourth Gen of industrial Android all-in-one tablet PC.

 Touch Think Industrial All In One PC Used In Medical Carts   Touch Think Industrial All In One PC Used In Medical Carts

2) Application Features:

1. In response to the frequent use of medical liquid medicine and medicine full of chemical components, the flat panel of the product reach IP65 grade dust-proof and water-proof, and its whole shell is made of aluminum alloy, so the water-proof and corrosion-resistant properties meet the medical needs.


2. Based on the intelligent medical cart often equipping with printer and other external equipment, the requirements for the interface of the all-in-one panel PC are higher. In addition to the daily USB structure, the product is also connected with ID card reader, printer, weighing device, etc.


3. It has a built-in 4G module (without GPS), support Network connection function. And the Android operating system meets the user's software needs. Medical staff can also bind with their own mobile phones, so to consult and adjust the required data at any time and anywhere.


4. Considering that the medical scene has a large number of medical equipment, strong electromagnetic interference, so the users prefer to choose capacitive touch screen, not only with more accurate touch, but also EMC anti-interference standard is more suitable for medical carts application.


5. In the application of intelligent medical carts, the all-in-one panel PC is mostly installed in a cantilever way. According to the needs of the scene, medical staff often need to rotate the screen by 360° for a better checking and inquiry experience on information.


3) Application Advantage:


The installation of the industrial Android all-in-one panel PC on the medical cart not only saves the medical staff the trouble of carrying a large number of paper documents, but also realizes the effective circulation of data through the all-in-one panel PC's Network connection and sharing, which is very convenient for the daily work of the medical staff and helps they save more time on information enquiry. At the same time, the integration of modern Network technology into various medical applications is also the main way to realize intelligent medical treatment in an all-round way.


4) Application Expansion:

Intelligent medical carts are extended to hospital information trolleys, nurse rounds carts, ICU ward trolleys, video consultation cart, telemedicine consultation cart, medical mobile desk, speech table and so on.

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