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Industrial Tablet PC Used In Intelligent Temperature Measurement robot

Application background

With the global spread of the COVID-19, daily protective measures such as hand washing, wearing masks, and temperature measurement have become part of people's lives. Among them, temperature measurement is one of the important ways to check patient, and almost every entrance and exit of public area has a temperature detection station. In addition, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is still at an outbreak stage, and the global epidemic situation is still difficult to predict.


In the epidemic prevention environment, intelligent equipment using new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and Big Data has become the new mainstream in the market.

As one of the popular applications of anti-epidemic, service robots, in addition to service robots such as automatic disinfection robots, delivery robots, and consultation robots in medical scenarios, intelligent temperature measurement robots have gradually appeared in more and more temperature measurement use scenarios.

 Industrial Tablet PC Used In Intelligent Temperature Measurement robot

Application requirements

For ordinary hand-held temperature measuring guns, the detection personnel need to be in close contact with the person being tested, which cannot guarantee a safe physical distance; in the use scenario with large flow of people, problems such as missed detection and delayed detection efficiency are unavoidable.

At the same time, the newly established temperature measurement checkpoint is faced with a large number of manpower requirements that require multiple inspectors to take turns on duty, which brings a lot of trouble to the epidemic prevention work, and these problems can be effectively solved by intelligent temperature measurement robots.

Generally, intelligent temperature measurement robots will install a touch screen, which is equivalent to the robot's "brain".

Due to the application characteristics such as long-term operation of intelligent temperature measurement robots, processing and detection of many people, complex application scenarios, and diverse functional requirements, the touch display devices have higher requirements in terms of screen, performance, service life, software development, and customized services .

 Industrial Tablet PC Used In Intelligent Temperature Measurement robot

Application solution

As a leading manufacturer focusing on industrial intelligent automatic touch display devices, Touch Think has rich experience in the field of robots in addition to deep cultivation in the industrial field.


Taking a recent case as an example, let's take a look at how the industrial all-in-one PC applies to the intelligent temperature measurement robot scene and adds new help to the COVID-19 detection.

 Industrial Tablet PC Used In Intelligent Temperature Measurement robot

Application products: 

10.1 inch upgrade  2nd-GEN industrial all-in-one tablet PC.

Product demand points: 

1.The thickness of the front bezel of the all-in-one tablet PC is only 3mm, and it reaches IP65 dustproof and waterproof level. It is more seamlessly fitted in the embedded installation robot, and the vision is more beautiful.

2. Built-in Windows operating system, humanized operation display interface, easy to use.

3. The all-in-one PC is designed with the aluminum alloy heat dissipation principle of the fuselage, the heat dissipation performance of the whole machine is perfect. If it is poor ventilation condition for indoor or semi-outdoor application scenarios, the main board with fan is available.

4. The product supports the function of face recognition and temperature measurement, which has higher requirements on the performance of the all-in-one PC. It can recognize multiple faces and display temperature parameters at the same time.

5. The standard configuration of this Touch Think tablet PC adopts Intel Celeron J1900 quad-core 64-bit CPU, the maximum core frequency can reach 2.4GHz, it can be upgraded according to user needs, higher configuration, self-developed of board configuration, the operation does not stall, all of these features are effective guarantee for the robot's 7/24 hours uninterrupted operation. 

6. The all-in-one PC supports user software application development, install and debug corresponding software according to specific application scenarios, and also support attendance system software installation.

7. Rich interface function, support external infrared face recognition camera, with advanced image processing technology, the image of the detected person will be transmitted with zero-delay, no lag, resolution up to 1920 * 1080, high-speed display clear image without frame loss. 

8. The product support plug-and-play application software, which is convenient and quick to use, and supports automatic fault reset function to meet the robot's long-term barrier-free operation work requirements and ensure that every passer does not miss detection.

9. All-in-one tablet PC and temperature measuring robot form an integrated and movable form, which can be flexibly moved and applied to various application scenarios such as factories, medical treatment, parks, transportation hubs, schools, shopping malls,. etc.

 Industrial Tablet PC Used In Intelligent Temperature Measurement robot

Application benefit:

The industrial all-in-one tablet PC, as the touch center of the intelligent temperature measurement robot, meet the needs of the robot for fast and large-area measurement scenarios, greatly improving the efficiency of the inspection staff; supporting the face recognition temperature measurement function, which allows the inspection personnel to maintain a safe physical distance from the person inspected, which greatly guarantees the safety of the first-line inspection work.

 Industrial Tablet PC Used In Intelligent Temperature Measurement robot

At the same time, the advantages of the powerful software application expansion of the all-in-one PC can not only support the face recognition function, set the abnormal temperature alarm, which is convenient for the staff to conduct the temperature investigation, but also effectively screen the patients who may be infected and ensure public safety.


The application of industrial all-in-one tablet PC in service robots will expand more possibilities for the industry. The use of intelligent technologies such as the Internet and Big Data has also brought a lot of help to the global epidemic prevention work.

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