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Intellectualization of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Today, the intellectualization trend is reflected in all aspects of our lives. From smartphones to all kinds of smart electronic products, as well as counter services gradually becoming self-service terminal services, to the popularization of online payment and smart logistics, etc.,


Not only are many emerging technology industries, but many traditional industries are also quietly transforming. The traditional Chinese medicine industry is one of them.


It is an inevitable trend for traditional Chinese medicine to be intelligent


According to the public data, the market scale of traditional Chinese medicine reached 1.3 trillion Yuan in 2013 and 2.4 trillion Yuan in 2019, with an annual compound growth rate of 10.9%. It is estimated that the market will exceed 3 trillion Yuan in 2022, with huge market potential.


And with the support of the state to the traditional Chinese medicine industry, the traditional Chinese medicine in the information age is also gradually undergoing an intelligent transformation. In addition to the application of AI algorithm, Big Data, and other emerging technologies to solve the problems of traditional Chinese medicine inheritance, promotion, application, and development, more and more intelligent self-service terminals also appear in many traditional Chinese medicine scenes, so as to meet the needs of modern people's intelligent experience.


The industrial intelligent self-service terminal is more suitable for the transformation of traditional Chinese Medicine


Taking the application of Touch Think in an intelligent pulse acquisition system as an example. As a leading supplier focusing on the R & D and production of intelligent self-service terminals, Touch Think products are widely used in many fields, such as industrial control, artificial intelligence, commercial self-service terminals, smart medical & healthcare, smart city, smart transportation, and smart security.


In the application of an intelligent pulse acquisition system, customers choose the Touch Think 4th-GEN intelligent products. Based on the advantages of independent mold opening, as an intelligent product series with industrial-grade quality and commercial appearance, it is more suitable for diagnosis, intelligent detection, intelligent medicine-taking, and other scenarios in TCM.


In this case, the customer uses the 15.6-inch industrial Android all-in-one panel PC. The front panel of the panel PC is designed with a true-flat panel and narrow frame, so as to offers a widescreen angle for viewing. And with a high-definition of 1920 * 1080, improving the experience for both doctors and patients.


In terms of touch mode, this panel PC adopts a capacitive touch screen with ten-point touch, the response time is less than 15ms, screen error is less than 1%, and zero-delay touch screen, bringing high intelligent experience.


In terms of configuration, for users who have a high demand for software, the Android operating system is generally a good choice. Touch Think provides an SDK software development kit, it's convenient for users to carry out secondary software development, and also supports software debugging services, which meet the application of medical software.


At the same time, Touch Think products adopt a self-developed industrial-grade motherboard, and the standard configuration meets the needs of most scenarios. The mainboard, running memory, and storage memory can be upgraded and customized according to the needs of customers, meeting the requirements of frequent and long-term operation of the intelligent pulse acquisition system.


The working principle of an intelligent pulse acquisition system is to obtain pulse data through a pressure sensor, then send it back to the all-in-one panel PC for algorithm analysis, and generate a comprehensive and reliable report according to pulse analysis. Therefore, the connection between the all-in-one panel PC and the pulse sensor must be an accurate and high-speed transmission.


In addition, in terms of tongue diagnosis, the all-in-one panel PC needs to connect to an external high-definition camera, to quickly and high-definition capture the tongue image of patients, and carry out accurate analysis, so as to assist doctors in rapid and accurate diagnosis.


In general, in the background of the intelligent transformation in kinds of industries, all walks of life are constantly changing to meet the needs of users. Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the treasures of Chinese civilization heritage, it is feasible to make use of modern technology and intelligent self-service hardware equipment to better inherit, promote, and develop traditional Chinese medicine.



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