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Laser Machine Equipped With Medical Monitor For Beauty Care

With people's pursuit of beauty, there is an increasing demand for beauty care, including basic care, freezing point depilation, whitening and rejuvenation, anti-aging and wrinkle removal, acne scars, body management, etc. Therefore, skin detectors, water-light therapeutic instruments, hair removal instruments, comprehensive instrument series, ultrasonic RF, strong pulse, and other equipment are becoming more and more popular in the market.


Laser beauty instrument and equipment is a new beauty method rising in recent years. It produces high-energy, accurate focusing and certain penetrating monochromatic light, acts on human tissue and generates high heat locally, so as to achieve the purpose of removing or destroying target tissue. It is painless, safe and reliable, and is welcomed by many people. It can eliminate facial wrinkles and make the skin tender and smooth with an appropriate amount of laser irradiation.

 Laser Machine Equipped With Medical Monitor For Beauty Care

The daily application of laser beauty instruments needs to meet the following conditions.


● The instrument shall be placed stably at a place with a room temperature of 10 ℃ - 35 ℃, 

relative humidity of less than 80%, and with good ventilation. 

It shall not be placed near heat sources such as radiators and thermal ventilation pipes, or places with direct sunlight and mechanical vibration.


● The environment for installation and operation shall be clean, low dust, good air quality, 

no strong electromagnetic field interference, and strictly prevent falling and impact.


● All connecting wires of the instrument shall be plugged correctly, 

and attention shall be paid not to plug in the wrong interface or virtual connection.


● Avoid direct exposure of your eyes to the luminous port.


The application of touch display equipment in laser beauty is mainly laser wavelength control. 

Different wavelengths of laser are required for different skin problems.


For the above conditions, the Touch Think medical display device can meet the requirements.

Touch Think Medical Touch Monitor Features


● Support - 10 ℃ to +60 ℃ wide temperature operation.


● Offers excellent moisture and corrosion protection in medical environments.


● EMI/EMC anti-interference standard. Adopts ESD electrostatic protection materials. 

ESD standard of the whole medical monitor: contact ± 8Kv, air ± 15kV.


● With over-current, over-voltage, and reverse connection protection design, 

the voltage withstands value of solid-state capacitor filtered in the board is 36V/105°.


● Obtains the medical industry's test reports: EN 60601-12006 and GB 9706


● Laser equipment is widely used in the medical field, and touch displays are an indispensable part of the equipment, 

they are offering touch control, data display, and HMI solutions.

Laser Machine Equipped With Medical Monitor For Beauty Care

Laser Machine Equipped With Medical Monitor For Beauty Care

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