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Industrial Touch All-in-one PC Is A Good Choice For Medical Refrigerators

In the medical field, auxiliary devices play an important role in the process of diagnosis and treatment. They are also the core equipment for doctors and nurses to provide intuitive medical data, understand the physical condition of patients, and store specific drugs. So far, with the development of science and technology, intelligent medical devices have become the main development trend. At the same time, the continuous improvement of an intelligent degree also brings the change of quality and improvement for the fineness of many medical devices.

 Industrial Touch All-in-one PC Is A Good Choice For Medical Refrigerators

Medical refrigerated cabinet requires high accuracy in terms of temperature


The use of medical refrigerated cabinet is very high in hospitals, and some families also refrigerate drugs by the medical refrigerated cabinet. The medical refrigerated cabinet is mainly used to store special drugs, vaccines, enzymes, hormones, stem cells, platelets, transplanted skin, and animal tissue samples, extracted RNA, gene library, and some important biological and chemical reagents and other specialty drugs. It is not only used in major hospitals but also used in many medical research fields.


The product structure of the general medical refrigerated cabinet is a vertical box. The main structure is divided into four parts: electrical control system, refrigeration system, heating system, and display system. Among them, equipped with advanced digital display temperature control systems and ensure the high accuracy of the temperature are the remarkable characteristics of a medical refrigerated cabinet.


Industrial touch all-in-one panel PC is suitable for high-precision instruments


In the medical refrigerator digital display temperature control system, touch display equipment as the main core operating equipment plays an important and irreplaceable role in temperature setting, intelligent monitoring of equipment operation status, drug access safety, etc.


Then, in such high-precision medical devices, what are the user's requirements for touch display equipment? Take one of the application cases from customers of Touch Think as an example, let's have a look.


Touch Think products apply to the medical refrigerator.

 Industrial Touch All-in-one PC Is A Good Choice For Medical Refrigerators

1) Application product: 11.6-inch industrial Android all in one panel PC


2) Product advantages


·In the touch display solution of the medical refrigerator, the customer chooses the Touch Think 2nd-GEN industrial all-in-one panel PC with an Android system, silver fuselage.


·This panel PC is designed with a true flat front panel and IP65 dustproof and waterproof protection, which is suitable for the frequent disinfection scene in the hospital.


·The 2nd-GEN product is specially designed for embedded cabinet, the thickness of the front panel is only 3mm, and the embedded refrigerator is seamless and more beautiful.


·The aspect ratio of this touch panel screen is 16:9, combined with narrow frame design, the screen display perspective is wide so that the refrigerator digital display is clear for the operator.


·This touch screen all-in-one panel PC adopts capacitive touch screen technology, ten-point touch technology, the response time is less than 5ms and offers zero-delay and sensitive touch experience.


·This touch panel PC is built in the Android operating system, and provide an SDK development kit for users to carry out secondary software development, to meet the needs of temperature system and temperature/humidity monitoring software required by the device.


·In terms of configuration, self-developed industrial motherboard A64 is adopted to ensure the panel PC runs efficiently and low power consumption. Besides, it supports the customization of various module functions.


·All the internal components of the motherboard are famous brands, with better performance of flame-proof, explosion-proof, anti-interference, pressure resistance, wide temperature operation, etc.


·This panel PC supports the connection of accurate temperature sensor probe and automatically displays the temperature inside the cabinet, which is convenient for medical staff to observe the temperature change in the cabinet at any time.


·Operator sets the temperature through the screen, supports the refrigeration system, ensures the constant temperature of the whole cabinet, fast for cooling or heating performance, and meets the set temperature requirements in a short time.


·It supports the temperature controller required by the refrigerator, with high and low-temperature alarm, temperature sensor fault alarm and safety lock function, which effectively ensures the safe access of precious drugs and vaccines.


·Touch Think offers ODM / OEM products that support all-round customization, including appearance, screen, use environment, installation method, interface, etc.




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