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X-ray Diagnosis Needs The Help Of Medical Panel PC

Medical imaging equipment is an indispensable part of hospital medical equipment, and as a comprehensive platform of medical equipment, it plays an important role in promoting the development of the hospital. The common medical imaging equipment includes medical X-ray machines, CT, MRI, ultrasound, medical endoscope, thermal imaging equipment, nuclear medical equipment, etc., which not only provides an important guarantee for clinical diagnosis and treatment, but also an important embodiment of the comprehensive strength of a hospital.


Among them, the medical X-ray machine is one of the important medical diagnosis equipment. At present, the medical X-ray machine on the market mainly includes DR, CR, C-arm, breast machine, gastrointestinal machine, oral CBCT, etc. According to the penetration, differential absorption, photosensitive and fluorescence effects of X-ray, the density and thickness of human tissues are different. By comparing the shadow intensity of detection images, combining with clinical manifestations, laboratory results, and pathological diagnosis, the equipment can judge whether a certain part of the internal organs of the human body is normal.

 X-ray Diagnosis Needs The Help Of Medical Panel PC

Generally, the medical X-ray machine consists of an X-ray generator, imaging system, and other auxiliary devices. Then, as one of the important components, imaging equipment helps capture high-definition motion detection images quickly, solve the problem of motion blur and shorten the exposure time. Taking an application case of Touch Think as an example, let's take a look at the requirements of display equipment in the imaging system in medical imaging X-ray application.


In medical devices and equipment, the Touch Think fourth-GEN touch screen all-in-one panel PC offers a better intelligent experience and more favored by users. The thickness of the front panel of the all-in-one panel PC is only 10 mm, and the aluminum alloy body is thinner and more beautiful than ordinary panels. It can be used in various high-end precision medical instruments and equipment. In the medical imaging X-ray system, users tend to choose 7-15.6 inch all-in-one panel PCs.

 Medical Panel PC with touch screen

For medical imaging equipment, the image display effect of the all-in-one panels is one of the important aspects for users. Touch Think all-in-one PC supports HDMI, VGA high-definition signal output, 4K high-definition video decoding, supports external high-definition camera, effectively shortens the exposure time, and quickly captures the patient's motion detection image, and solve the problem of X-ray detection of motion blur.


Touch Think all-in-one panel PCs used in the X-ray machines adopts its self-developed high reliable industrial-grade motherboard. And the standard configuration is Intel Celeron J1900. The running memory is 2G and hard disk storage memory is 32G, the peak value of the main frequency is 2GHz. No jamming for multiple web pages running at the same time. Besides, the interface can be customized to meet the needs of external cameras and printers of medical imaging equipment.


More importantly, the Touch Think series products support medical users pass EMC testing certification, including electrostatic discharge immunity test and radiation interference test. At the same time, the products have passed the safety regulations, including CCC, CE, and other qualification certifications. The quality meets the applicable standards of medical devices.


In addition, Touch Think industrial-grade all-in-one panel PCs also support customized production of appearance, installation methods, module function, and using environment. Due to these features, the X-ray machines also are widely used in industrial non-destructive testing, mine belt testing, railway station/airport security inspection, and other complex fields.







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