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Intelligent Visitor Management System


With the rapid development of our country's economy and the increase of personnel flow, which brings a huge challenge to social security management and enterprise safety management. However, many enterprises and institutions are still using the traditional way of visitor registration management, which has too many loopholes to meet the increasing security requirements. All levels of government, military, public security, schools, institutions, prisons, factories, companies, hotels, community properties and other units face a large number of people from outside every day, and it is important to ensure security of inside people. Then how to manage these visitors in a simple, standardized and humanized way to better eliminate all external security risks? The answer, of course, is to prevent trouble before it happens, and to keep hidden dangers out of the door!


According to the practical needs of visitor registration of various units, through a large number of market research, combined with the relevant requirements of national departments for technical defense, the intelligent visitor management system is developed, which can easily solve the problem of visitor registration management. The system truly achieves the unity of personnel, certificates and photos. The functions of "entrance registration, hierarchical management, record query and report summary" are realized. Be able to record, store, query and summarize relevant information of visitors efficiently.


System introduction

In view of the current situation and demand of visitor management in many fields, the intelligent visitor management system integrated advanced OCR, ID card intelligent identification, touch screen and high-speed thermal printing, digital camera, RFID and other technologies, and combined with visitor registration management software, to record visitor's ID information, access image information and visit information efficiently, quickly and accurately, greatly improving the work efficiency of the guard. It only takes a few seconds to realize a visitor registration process, which will shut out the hidden danger personnel.


Intelligent visitor management system is the application of information office in guard management, and it is also the necessity of using modern scientific means to do a good job in guard work.


Technical parameter

1. Photo OCR: the recognition range is 120mm x 90mm, and two kinds of image output, gray and color, can be obtained at the same time.

2. Card reader: built-in ID/IC card reader and writer, supporting high frequency / high frequency remote / UHF card issuer (optional).

3. Display: 17 inch LCD industrial monitor.

4. Input device: capacitive touch screen.

5. Printer: 80mm high-speed thermal printer.

5. Host: Industrial grade i3 quad-core data processing core, low power consumption, no noise. 4G memory, IT hard disk.

6. Telephone modem: built-in 56K modem with SmartLink main chip.

7. Equipment interface: 4*USB2.0, 1*RJ45 network interface and 2*RJ11 telephone interfaces.

8. Weight: 16KG

9. Dimension: 400*350*505mm

10. Standard software: intelligent visitor management system

Intelligent Visitor Management System

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