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Smart Canteen Make Life Easy

Smart Canteen Make Life EasyThe smart canteen caters to the trend of the era of the mobile Internet of Things, based on the existing canteen management mode, it innovates and creates a convenient canteen ordering and dining mode, which achieve accurate meal preparation/purchase, eliminate waste/corruption, strengthen the interaction between the diner and the canteen, and improve the dining experience and service level of the canteen.


At the same time, it has powerful management functions, including not only basic canteen management functions such as purchase, cost, inventory, report, personnel authority, meal card management, but also the management and control ability of high-end canteen headquarters, which meet the canteen management needs of different scales.


Comparison between the traditional canteen and smart canteen


Traditional canteen: there are many people queuing up, which affects the dining experience, the dishes are not tasty, the leftovers waste problems are serious, the charging of meal cards is inconvenient, the inventory management is difficult, and there is no recipe and nutrition.


Smart canteen: providing a variety of payment methods to improve dining efficiency, order meals in advance, accurately prepare meals, order meals online, purchasing inventory is controllable, reduce operating costs, nutrient analysis of dishes, intelligent report formation automatically.


Function application of smart canteen


Ordering management: mobile phone APP/Applet/brand publicity, mobile POS/ mobile terminal integration machine, order management, information acceptance, nutrition analysis, comment interaction.


Canteen management: meal card management, restaurant management, menu management, inventory management, procurement management, nutrition management, statement Statistics, ordering management, product management, sample management, celebrity chef management, information management.


Dining management: face recognition / QR code / 'swipe' card, online payment, automatic settlement, self-delivery of dining cabinet, delivery service.


Enterprise management: procurement supervision, operation supervision, food safety supervision, supplier supervision.


Features of smart canteen system


The queuing time is saved by 20%, the ordering efficiency is increased by 31%, the comprehensive praise rate is increased by 80%, the accuracy rate of meal preparation is increased by 98%, the online payment rate is 0, and the operation cost is reduced by 10%.

 Smart Canteen Make Life Easy

Application field of smart canteen system


The smart canteen system is applicable to government and enterprise, hospitals, universities, central kitchens, food squares, and other industries.


The integrated intelligent canteen adapt to the Internet of things solution, through intelligent hardware carrying powerful cloud service to enable the group meal industry, realize the whole process service management of the procurement, production, sales, business analysis, etc. of different types of canteens such as enterprises, hospitals, schools, etc. Gather development potential to meet the all-round needs of different customers in group meal operation, and help the high-quality development of group meal industry.

 Smart Canteen Make Life Easy

Touch Think 4th-GEN Industrial Touch Panel PC



Based on RFID Internet of things technology and cloud computing technology, the smart canteen is usually composed of six modules: quick settlement, delicacy management of dishes, nutrition management, mobile phone APP terminal service, meal card service, and welfare. It integrates a series of intelligent and self-service application equipment and software to implement intelligent control of the restaurant, improve the service efficiency and response speed of each link, effectively reduce the operation cost, improve the dining experience, and build an intelligent and modern restaurant system.


Touch Think industrial tablet computer is used in the weighing system in the smart canteen. It calculates the price automatically according to the foods ordered by the customer. The settlement time is fast and the queuing time is reduced. The weighing system adopts industrial tablet with Windows/Android system, industrial grade monitor with IP65 dust-proof and waterproof, no pressure for 7/24 long time operation.

Smart CanteenIntelligent weighing systemintelligent weighing system

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