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High Brightness Monitor Is the First Choice for Outdoor Intelligent Kiosks

Sep. 23, 2021

The high brightness features of the monitors refer to increasing the brightness and contrast of the monitor to 2.5 times that of the ordinary monitor. It can solve the problem that the ordinary monitor screen is dim and cannot be seen under high contrast in a strong light environment. In the real scene, the screen of the monitor needs to match the brightness of the surrounding light, so as to solve the problems of darkness and eye irritation caused by light changes.

 High Brightness Monitor Is the First Choice for Outdoor Intelligent Kiosks

Since most monitors are used in indoor environments, the brightness is about 250-300cd / m2 (NIT). This brightness level monitor can not meet the requirements when used in the industrial environment. The ambient light is strong, and its brightness is easy to exceed the brightness of the LCD backlight. In fields of medical, industrial, and public telephone booths, the required brightness is at least 450 CD / m2 or even higher.


If the common environment of the display device is constant, it is good that the brightness of the screen display remains unchanged, such as in a dark factory or a factory with lights on no matter day or night. But more often, the application of the monitor needs to change with time, and the light intensity comes from auto-adjustment to adapt to the surrounding light intensity, so as to better adapt to the human eye and capture the content on the display screen without being affected by the light, which also makes the high brightness monitor the first choice for outdoor intelligent self-service device applications.


Touch Think high brightness monitors with automatic photosensitive function and one-key highlight function. When the high brightness switch is off, the backlight brightness of the product can change with the ambient brightness. When the highlight switch is on, the backlight brightness of the product is always at the maximum brightness.

 High Brightness Monitor Is the First Choice for Outdoor Intelligent Kiosks

Due to the instability of the outdoor environment, outdoor intelligent self-service equipment will face many challenges during the working process, such as wind, sun, rain, frost, and other harsh environments, which requires the touch monitor not only to have the enhanced reliability but also to have strong functional characteristics and excellent anti-resistance performance.


In order to meet harsh outdoor applications, many touch display equipment will be equipped with baffles to prevent the invasion of hot sun and rain on the equipment. However, even so, the monitors also need to face the impact of sunshine caused by the time change, rain splash, and temperature difference between day and night on rainy days.


In addition to sensing the intensity of light and automatically adjusting the brightness to adapt to human eyes, the high nits displays from Touch Think have also been upgraded according to the application needs of the outdoor environment.


In order to solve the problems of screen wrinkling, aging, and damage caused by long-time sunlight exposure of display equipment, the anti-ultraviolet film will be pasted to cover the screen to protect the LCD screen and prolong its service life.

 High Brightness Monitor Is the First Choice for Outdoor Intelligent Kiosks

With a pure flat panel design, the front panel of the Touch Think high brightness monitor is IP65 dust-proof and waterproof protection. The front frame is bonded with the screen through a special waterproof adhesive strip process, which fully adheres to the waterproof fog process, which can ensure that the inner of the screen is free from water mist.


Touch Think industrial high brightness touch monitors adopt all Aluminum alloy structures and fan-free fully enclosed designs. The whole monitor has low power consumption and a compact shape. It is an industrial product specially designed for a variety of complex environments, which can ensure 7/24 long-term stable operation in harsh environments.


Besides, Touch Think also provides customized services in interface design, functional modules, wide temperature operation, electrostatic anti-static grade, etc. according to customers' specific needs.


The outdoor environment is an important scene for the application of touch display devices. In smart cities, more and more intelligent self-service terminals are integrated into people's lives and change people's daily habits through digital connections. Touch Think industrial monitor is the connection point between the intelligent self-service terminal and human beginnings. It maintains the scene extension in different fields through exclusive systems in various fields, making people's life boundaries wider.


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