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Industrial Panel PC Used In the Machine Vision Inspection System

Sep. 28, 2021

Large-scale production is not only an important feature of modern factories but also the production vision pursued by many enterprises. Through mass production in fixed mode, we can reduce production costs and improve enterprise profits. Today, when a product needs to go through multiple processes, in order to realize large-scale production, intelligence and automation technology are the main production factors and an important driving force to promote the development of large-scale production.

Industrial Panel PC Used In the Vision Inspection System


As the last link before products flow into the market, inspection bears the responsibility of maintaining the company's reputation and protecting consumers' rights and interests. At present, the most popular detection method is visual detection. In short, it is to combine artificial intelligence technology with computer technology to complete continuous and efficient detection of products through the combination of multiple equipment systems. At present, it is widely used in repetitive and intensive industries.


Industrial Panel PC Used In the Vision Inspection System


A complete visual inspection system is mainly divided into three parts: light source system, image capture, and intelligent processing. The corresponding visual inspection system needs to be equipped with a high-performance all-in-one panel PC, industrial camera, and light adjustment system. On this basis, the computer visual recognition system can process, analyze and extract the image by obtaining the product image. The characteristic parameters reflecting the morphological structure of product varieties are then used to match the characteristics with the corresponding products to realize product defect detection. The complex detection system is produced by the combination of multiple "subsystems". Stable system operation and high-performance equipment will make the whole detection more smooth and efficient.


Touch Think has a classic case about the application of visual detection - industrial panel PCapplies to plastic bottle cap detection equipment.


Plastic bottle cap detection equipment mainly focuses on the appearance detection of bottle caps' black spots, stains, and impurities; At the same time, attention should also be paid to printing detection, surface defects, color difference, size, characters, and guiding positioning. Even in the process of making the bottle cap, it is necessary to confirm the defects of resin parts and rubber pads, the cleaning of the inner side, the printing quality of the cover pattern, and the printing quality of the ringside pattern.

Industrial Panel PC Used In the Vision Inspection System


The intelligent integrated system of visual inspection solves the problem of low efficiency and low precision of product quality inspection with artificial vision in mass industrial production. The detection method of machine vision can greatly improve production efficiency and production automation. Moreover, machine vision is easy to realize information integration and is the basic technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing.


In the case of plastic bottle cap detection equipment, the customer chose Touch Think five-GEN industrial all-in-one touch panel PC. As a running calculation and identification software equipment, it can meet the storage and processing of various data, and issue orders to give real-time feedback on the non-compliance of the detection object and detection position. Of course, plastic bottle caps are just one case. In fact, they also cover many fields such as electronic manufacturing, packaging, printing, and dyeing, and have a wide range of application scenarios.

 Industrial Panel PC Used In the Vision Inspection System


In addition to high efficiency, saving a lot of labor resources, and bringing benefits to the company, visual detection also has the advantages of non-contact measurement, wide spectral response range, and long-term stable measurement, analysis, and identification tasks.


As the central control terminal, the Touch Think 5th-generation industrial all-in-one PC needs to meet the needs of the visual inspection application scene in performance and design. High-frequency image transmission and a large number of data processing require powerful boards and chips. Besides, it will not affect the operation of the 5th-GEN industrial all-in-one PC under the environment of electromagnetic interference and electrostatic interference. The industrial terminal is specially designed to match the stable requirements of power supply and data transmission, and meet the application environment requirements of the visual inspection systems in different fields.


With the rapid development of industrial automation, continuous innovation, strict cost control, and technological upgrading, the efficient testing production line has become an important measure for intensive enterprises to optimize the production processes and improve core competitiveness. In the future, with the guarantee of quality and efficiency, the application of visual inspection will be broader to meet the needs of more industries.

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