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How Do Industrial Touch Display Monitor Screen Be Cleaned And Cleaned?

Mar. 06, 2023

Industrial Touch Display Monitor is an industrial display with a touch function. When the industrial environment is poor, or the user's improper operation will cause the industrial touch display to malfunction, it is very necessary to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance. What are the correct cleaning methods? How to clean it will not damage the touch screen?

1: Select microfiber cloth

Distilled water or a targeted commercial touchscreen cleaner.

2: Steps / Methods

Select a microfiber cloth. This is the ideal clean Industrial Display screen. Some devices will have such a cloth, or you can borrow your sunglasses.

Turn off the device before starting cleaning. It is usually very easy to see where the device is turned off when it is cleaned up.

Wash the screen with a small circle that is over-brushing. This will eliminate most of the simple defects.

3: Precautions

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, please do not use too hot and dirty, wipe for the cleaning method. This will only cause dirt on your screen and you will have to clean it up afterward. Avoid using abrasives when cleaning the touch screen. Do not use any cleaning that contains ammonia unless the manufacturer has clearly indicated the product's touch screen. Ammonia can damage the screen. Avoid spraying liquid or water directly on the screen, there is a risk of liquid leaking into the device and damage. 

Instead, spray the liquid into the microfiber, squeeze it to remove any excess liquid, and then wipe. Do not use paper towels or toilet paper. They contain wood fibers that scratch the surface of any plastic product. You may not see the scratches for the first time, but over time, your screen will look like you are cleaning it with very fine steel wool, which will make the complexion dark and a bit fuzzy. Do not press too hard on the screen, you may damage the monitor.

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