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Application and Future Prospects of Touch Think 2nd-GEN Embedded Series

Jun. 29, 2021

Application and Future Prospects of Touch Think 2nd-GEN Embedded SeriesTouch Think 2nd-GEN series are the core products of its line-ups. They have been the best-seller in the market since they were launched. They are widely used in commercial and industrial fields. This article will make a brief introduction for this product series, and explain why it is so popular in the market.


The most outstanding feature of the 2nd-GEN is its appearance design, 3mm ultra-thin front bezel, very suitable for embedded installation. Offering excellent touch control and display solutions for human-computer interaction, self-service terminal kiosks, and industrial automation applications.


We can see a variety of self-service machines are installed in public areas, such as In Gov Bureau halls, banks, hospitals, train/metric stations, shopping malls, and other places. The wide range of applications is the fundamental reason for the popularity of the Touch Think 2nd-GEN embedded monitor and panel PCs. Only when there are enough scenes can the market be large enough.


What are the advantages of the Touch Think 2nd-GEN series industrial monitor and industrial panel PCs compared with the same type of products in the market?


Compared with the same type of products in the market, Touch Think's full series products have the following concerning advantages, self-developed and designed motherboards, independent mold opening, support full customized, performance application, and scene adaptation up to industrial-grade level.


There are 12 sizes for Touch Think 2nd-GEN products. 7" and 8" are small size of rear covers, 10.1", 10.4", 11.6", 12", 15", and 15.6" are middle size of rear covers; 15.6", 17", 17.3", 19", 19.1", and 21.5" are large size of rear covers. In general, Touch Think mainly focuses on the small and medium-sized products mold opening. Due to the size limitation of the motherboards, 7" is the minimum size. Meanwhile, the 15" and 15.6" will have two different sizes of rear cover, and 19" has two different aspect ratios for screens.


Multiple screen sizes can cover the needs of scene application as much as possible. Different rear cover designs help easy to install and provide a larger heat dissipation area.


The interface design is determined by the mainboard. Touch Think supports customized interfaces to meet special Peripherals connections in special environments. The mainstream interfaces of industrial touch screen monitors will be preset generally. Compared with the same appearance, it is more necessary to distinguish the industrial monitors, industrial panel PCs, and industrial Android all in one PC from the interface design.


The interfaces of the industrial monitor are successively from left to right, namely RJ45 Network cable interface, HDMI, DVI, and VGA video output interface, audio input, audio output, DC charging interface.


Touch Think X86-based industrial panel PC interfaces display: DC charging port, 4*USB interface, LAN interface, HD / SIM storage card slot, VGA video output interface, audio I / O interface, 2*COM interface on the bottom bezel. 2* COM ports and dual WiFi antenna (for 12-19 inch products) are reserved on the upper bezel.


Touch Think industrial Android all-in-one panel PC interfaces display: DC charging interface, 2*USB interfaces, TF / SIM memory card, HDMI micro USB, LAN, audio, reset button, 2*COM ports on the bottom bezel, and the upper bezel reserves 2*COM ports and a WiFi port.

 Application and Future Prospects of Touch Think 2nd-GEN Embedded Series

There are three important features for Touch Think 2nd-GEN products, embedded installation, excellent heat dissipation performance, and waterproof screen. They are suitable for applying in both indoor and outdoor environments, with a true flat seamless design, and the screen reaches IP65 rated dustproof and waterproof; The built-in chip is low power consumption, fanless design for heat dissipation, and the arc-shaped structure is set on both sides of the middle cover of the shell to increase the heat dissipation area, so as to solve the practical problems from multiple aspects.


With the rapid development of Industry 4.0, the Internet of things, Cloud Computing, and Big Data, Touch Think embedded 2nd-GEN series plays a ubiquitous role in the smart city's new ecology.


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