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Industrial Monitor Used In Conveyor Automation Control Equipment

As one of the most widely used industrial fields, electrical automation involves many production and manufacturing scenarios. Among them, as one of the market segments in electrical automation, the application market prospect of conveying machinery can not be underestimated. It can not only complete the transport of bulk materials but also can transport materials into pieces, which are widely used in metallurgy, coal mines, transportation, electric power, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, food processing, iron and steel enterprises, ports, cement plants, and other fields.


As the core part of conveyor electric control, the function of the main console is to cooperate with the peripheral power supply and hydraulic equipment, through signal acquisition, logical calculation and execution of equipment control, it can complete the process control and safety protection of the cage type, wound rotor, synchronous and other AC motors as well as the conveyor driven by DC motor.


The main console of the conveyor is generally composed of PLC, operation display equipment, cabinet button external equipment, etc. Among them, the operation display equipment, as the direct control equipment of conveyor video and data display, needs to meet certain use requirements in order to adapt to the use scene of the conveyor.


Project application requirements:


Based on the diversity of conveyor applications, in some high and low temperature, high pressure, dust, outdoor, and other application scenarios, it also has a certain test for the operation of display equipment. Therefore, the operation display equipment of the conveyor needs to meet higher requirements in water-proof, dust-proof, fire-proof, explosion-proof, high and low-temperature resistance, and other performance.


Project solution:


As the source manufacturer of professional touch display equipment, Touch Think has been deeply involved in the field of industrial intelligent automation for many years, with rich industry application experience and many successful solutions. Take a conveyor console application as an example, let's see what users need in this scenario.


1) Application products: 15-inch upgrade 2nd-GEN industrial monitor.


2) Product advantages:


·The housing and enclosure of the monitor are made of aluminum alloy, the thickness of the front panel is only 3mm, and the embedded installation is highly fitted.


·Fully enclosed fan-free design for heat-dissipation, true flat front panel up to IP65 industrial-grade dust-proof and waterproof, and built-in waterproof strip, effectively prevent water drops and dust from entering the monitor, which is adapted to outdoor conveyor application scenarios.


·This industrial grade monitor supports five-wire resistive touch, ten-point capacitive touch, and infrared touch screen, the users have multiple choices according to the actual application environment.


·The standard screen brightness of the monitor is 400cd/m2 and it can be customized up to 1500cd/m2. A light-sensing head can be installed to adjust the brightness of the screen display with more light intensity, making the visual sense clearer and more comfortable.


·This industrial grade monitor is designed with LED-backlight, offering a rich and practical signal display function. Parameters such as running speed, brake oil pressure, and lubricating oil pressure are all displayed digitally. It can simulate the running state of the conveyor directly.


·Working temperature of this industrial monitor is - 20 ℃ - + 70 ℃, and can be customized to - 30 ℃ - + 80 ℃. The excellent performance of wide temperature enables the LCD monitor to adapt to more harsh conditions in the use of a conveyor.


·The internal components are up to the industrial-grade quality. In addition, nearly ten quality tests have been carried out to ensure our industrial monitors built with excellent performance in different aspects. shockproof EVA material is added in the monitors to reach the GB2423 anti-vibration standard and EMC anti-interference level. The performance of anti-surge, anti-static and withstand voltage is perfect in harsh environments.


·It adopts a self-developed industrial level drive board with RJ45, a high-performance core control device, compatible with conveyor PLC, to ensure that the control system has the advantages of strong data processing ability, fast calculation speed, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, easy to use, etc.


Project benefit:


The application of industrial monitor in the main control console of the conveyor system help users realizes remote centralized control, local control, transportation, low-speed belt inspection, and other functions. This industrial monitor has the advantages of beautiful appearance, thin front panel, high-definition screen display, etc. it can automatically adjust the display brightness and effectively alleviate the operator's vision and operation fatigue.


At the same time, the start and stop of the conveyor can be operated remotely through the monitor, and the running state of the conveyor can be monitored. This industrial monitor also supports the BISO setting function, supports plug-and-play, it is convenient for the user to manage the equipment. In addition, customized services can be provided according to the special needs of users to meet the diversity of scenario applications.




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