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Embedded Installation For Intelligent Touch Equipment

Jun. 09, 2021

Embedded Installation For Intelligent Touch EquipmentEmbedded installation is a common installation method. It can make two objects fit together to form a whole. It looks simple, beautiful, and does not occupy space. It is a popular installation method at present.


In the industrial field, touch control and display devices are installed in a variety of ways, including embedded mount, wall-mounted, VESA mount, desktop mount, etc. The equipment manufacturers will choose suitable installation methods according to different scenarios. Among them, embedded installation accounts for a large proportion of electrical equipment, instrumentation, terminal equipment, and other scenarios.


Embedded installation is divided into two types, one is embedded from outside into the cabinet, another one is embedded from the inner side into the cabinet, both are called embedded installation, while there are essential differences. Embedded from the inner side into the cabinet means to embed the whole device into another device, while embedded from outside into the cabinet means "inlay" because it has a thin outer frame outside.


Choosing embedded from the outside or inner side is a problem that many engineering designers will consider. What factors will determine this choice? In addition to the structure of the device itself, it is also related to the adaptability of the touch device itself to the environment and the matching degree in the application scenario.


It is not saying which type of equipment must be embedded from the outside or inner side. For the same equipment, its external design is changeable according to the special requirements of customers. For example, we can often see the self-service terminal equipment in the bank, station, subway, and other indoor public places. The touch display device usually adopts embedded from the inner side.


Indoor and outdoor environments are different, will it affect the embedded types of touch devices?


At present, common outdoor terminal equipment includes parcel lockers, self-service payment machines, charging pile equipment, etc. Most of the supporting display equipment applications are embedded from outside. In order to work normally in the outdoor harshEmbedded Installation For Intelligent Touch Equipment weather conditions, there will be a cornice design above the display screen. Even now many monitors' display screens can achieve the dust and water resistance level of IP65, but it can reduce the damage caused due to long-time exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. In the ordinary indoor environment, the exterior design will involve beauty, while in the dusty factory environment, the embedded from the inner side will cause dust accumulation, which is not conducive to cleaning and will cause the problem of touch sensitivity decline.


Different embedded types will involve different issues of the disassembly and maintenance of the equipment. If the terminal equipment fails, the embedded device installed from the outside is easier to be disassembled; When the device is embedded from the inside, the whole device needs to be disassembled.

Touch Think industrial touch screen monitors support these two types of embedded mount for smart parcel lockers, ATM, self-service payment machines, charging pile terminals due to their verified high reliability and high stability for indoor and outdoor applications.

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