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Do You Know The Key Application Of Industrial Flat Panel In Epidemic Situation?

May. 23, 2020

In recent years, with the continuous spread of the epidemic, the growth has been superimposed. Although the domestic has achieved obvious results, the growth rate abroad is indeed cumulative, and the disease is also called this. I am very worried that the hospital's medical equipment will soon disappear, and the shortage is not enough. The main thing is the ventilator. The shortage of resources has developed rapidly with national technology.

Based on Industrial Tablet computer control technology and artificial intelligence technology, compared with manual, it can effectively improve, quality and efficiency, improve economic efficiency, especially one of the main equipment for auxiliary epidemic treatment. Enterprise funds and hardware investment, the market soared.

The ventilator is the most critical device for medical equipment. It is used to help the oxidative metabolism of various organs and tissues of the human body. In modern clinical medicine, medical ventilator as an effective means to artificially replace the independent ventilation function has been widely used Respiratory failure caused by various reasons, anesthesia and respiratory management during major surgery, and respiratory support treatment, etc., occupy a very important position in the field of modern medicine, and are necessary emergency equipment for medical units at all levels. At present, the cumulative number of people diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia has exceeded 770,000, and the demand for medical ventilators is increasing day by day. As a major manufacturing country in the world, China has greatly improved its ventilator technology and production capacity since SARS in 2003. Because the ventilator is a medical device, the relevant manufacturers have strict requirements on their production specifications and performance when choosing the hardware of the machine. They need to have industrial-grade hardware specifications to support the equipment for long-term, stable and reliable operation; it can monitor in real-time and accurately The data parameters are convenient for medical staff to grasp the changes of the patient's condition; timely warning and feedback the information to the display terminal when a sudden change occurs; requiring the equipment to have a certain anti-interference ability to the surrounding environment, reducing the equipment operation failure rate.

The company is a Rugged Tablet Odm Manufacturer in the industry. Products developed and manufactured include embedded industrial computers, embedded barebone systems, industrial tablet PCs, industrial complete machines, portable computers, military reinforced notebooks, etc. At the same time, Dongfang Industrial Control can provide customized products and services for customers in different industries, with strong R & D and production strength.

The Rugged Tablet Computer is used in the medical ventilator. The computer hardware has high integration, multiple sizes, and rich interfaces. It provides a new generation of graphics processing engine, fast algorithm, 4K ultra-high-definition display performance, etc. Wireless transmission, anti-vibration, anti-magnetic, low power consumption, long life cycle, with industrial-grade reliable performance, can meet the flexibility and highly customized needs of professional customers in different medical fields.

Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, medical equipment is ushering in a tense and intense market outbreak period. The company actively promotes the production capacity of medical equipment, and will also launch more systems and complete embedded computer product solutions.

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