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How to Tell the Signs of A Dead Monitor?

Oct. 12, 2023

No electronic device is intended to last forever and a monitor is one of them, it also needs to be replaced after a specific period of time. Here I will tell you a few monitor failure warning signs that you must remember because it will tell you that your industrial monitor is dying or still has a long life span.

Dimmed image

Dimming means that the monitor does not maintain a constant brightness for a period of time and, in turn, the image appears darker and less expressive as time passes. If you notice that the image on your screen is very dimmer than normal, you need to do something about it.

Most importantly, first, check the screen settings: you may have forgotten to set the maximum brightness. If no errors are found, the problem is in the monitor. The sooner you replace it, the better it will be for you and your eyesight.

How to Tell the Signs of A Dead Monitor

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Flickering images

When the picture displayed on the screen keeps flickering or flickering erratically, you need to worry about it. This is an early warning sign from a dying monitor. When the screen resolution changes, the image will flicker, not only for old CRT-type monitors, but also for modern LCD and LED screens.

If the problem persists after repair, then you will undoubtedly have to get the monitor repaired. 

Too long boot time

Another sign that your monitor is reaching the end of its life is "the monitor takes much longer than normal to display the image". It mainly indicates an internal problem that may cause the LCD to become obsolete.

Typically, modern monitors (such as LCDs and LEDs) take 5 to 10 seconds to display an image after pressing the power button or restarting the computer.

How to Tell the Signs of A Dead Monitor

Pixel-damaged screens

On LCD and LED displays, the image screen consists of thousands of tiny pixels (very small dots) that display the big picture. Each of them constantly changes its color to convey visual information on the screen.

In the long run, some pixels can fail and refuse to display the image, instead it displays blank pixels on the screen. These pixels are called dead or damaged pixels. This is the reason why the image may be defective, distorted or discolored.

Screen Burning

Screen burn-in may occur if the same picture is displayed on the screen for a long time. Once you delete it and the view changes, a part of the previous image is still visible on the screen.

To avoid such failures in your monitor, you need to turn it off for a few moments after a specific period of use.

How to Tell the Signs of A Dead Monitor

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The monitor won't turn on

In this case, the monitor will light up for a second then go off, then turn on, then immediately turn off. The reason for this type of failure in LCD monitors is usually a faulty power supply board or an incomplete connection to the monitor housing.

If the screen has been in use for many years, it is worth considering buying a new model rather than investing in an older one, as new problems may arise over time.

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