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The Application Advantages Of Industrial Display LCD Screen

Sep. 09, 2019

LCD screens have been widely used in various fields. The LCD screens of Industrial Display are highly specialized and are widely promoted. They are mainly used in industrial automation displays, military, security, medical and other fields. It is based on professional display devices. Designed and produced with technical requirements, it has high requirements for displays. Industrial LCD screens have high standards for service life, performance, technical support, etc., and it has been widely recognized for their excellent performance, which is the current highest-end, ideal LCD screen.

Industrial Display

Industrial Display

The features of Industrial LCD screen shared by Industrial Tablet PC Android Supplier:

1. Using industrial-grade professional DID LCD screen, with high brightness of 700~800cd/m2, high contrast of 3000:1

2. High definition, single screen up to 1080P, high color saturation up to 92%

3. High service life, strong stability, ultra-wide viewing angle

4. Small size, light weight, large display area

5. With high stability of the picture, no radiation, low energy consumption and energy-saving environmental advantages. Compared with CRT monitors, LCD screens consume only one-third of the power consumption of CRTs. They are thinner and lighter, which saves space and is an advanced, high-end LCD screen.

The narrow-side splicing LCD screen of the industrial display is applied to the LCD splicing wall. The edge seam is only 6.7mm, which shows the super-comprehensive large-screen display effect. The perfect splicing and flexible splicing are the most ideal high-end display. The screen wall shows the best solution for the device. The feasibility, stability and reliability of the whole large-screen splicing system are extremely strong. The large and small screens can be freely spliced and combined in any way, which can realize a variety of signal input. The splicing unit can work without circadian for 365 days a year, and it has strong practicability and satisfaction. Industrial displays are suitable for a variety of occasions.

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