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Industrial Monitor Industrial Tablet Embedded PC Manufacturer

Jan. 09, 2018

Touch Think Company Profile

Touch Think is a key manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality industrial LCD monitors, and industrial panel PCs for the industrial and commercial industries. They are used in a multitude of harsh industrial environments such as machine tools, CNC automation, process control, pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. 

Shenzhen Touch Think Intelligence Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, is the leading professional display field solutions provider. The company has a professional R & D team, self-defined port compatibility design can provide professional, intelligent, customized design services according to customer requirements. Company adhering to the idea of steady development, continuous innovation, win-win cooperation in the development, independent design and development of industrial display equipment, industrial Tablet PC, embedded computers, industrial control boards, and other industrial intelligent automation, Internet applications, interactive digital systems, data collection and control, medical equipment, transportation orbit as the core areas of the strength of service providers, to provide hundreds of well-known enterprises at domestic and abroad the professional products, services, and solutions. With thousands of OEM / ODM hardware services cases, the success of industrial automation, Internet applications, industrial 4.0 areas of enterprise solutions to industrial computer products technology program. Touch Think Intelligence continuously improves the level of customized services, solutions that provide customers with unique customized requirements. And provide customers with greater value!  


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