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Touch Think Industrial Panel PC Applies To Intelligent Factory Solutions

Sep. 28, 2020

In the background of the intelligent manufacturing industry, the realization of the ultimate goal of smart factories has become the common direction of the development of many manufacturing enterprises. By introducing more intelligent manufacturing equipment to realize production automation, digitization, and intellectualization, it has become an effective way for many large-scale manufacturing enterprises to improve economic benefits and save high labor costs.

 Touch Think Industrial Panel PC Applies To Intelligent Factory Solutions

As an important part of many manufacturing equipments, the industrial all-in-one panel PC is widely used in the whole production process, such as loading and unloading, production line manufacturing, production data collection, quality inspection, packaging, and so on. Take the six solutions associated with Touch Think factory as an example to see what requirements and functions the all-in-one panel PC has in various manufacturing links.


Intelligent workshop production line transformation solution

1) Application products: Touch Think 15-inch fourth-generation industrial panel PC

2) Configuration information: Windows OS / J1900 / 2G + 32G

3) Features

• According to the diversified requirements of production line transformation, Touch Think industrial panel PC applies to the solution adopts the self-developed J1900 motherboard, which has high-efficiency operation performance, supports multiple web pages running smoothly at the same time, and support the operation of the MES / ERP production management system.


• In addition, it supports to customize the interface and realizes the connection of external equipment.


• Multiple installation modes are available for the Touch Think industrial panel PCs, custom installation is acceptable according to the reserved space requirements on the production line.


• Support the automatic reset of the watchdog, and fault warning function, all these can meet the requirements of real-time data acquisition, monitoring, programming, and operation under the auxiliary environment of the production line.


Intelligent display transformation solution for customized production line

1) Application product: Touch Think 15.6-inch industrial Android all in one tablet PC

2) Configuration information: Android / RK3288 / 2G + 8G

3) Features

• To meet the needs of compatible with the MES production management system, Touch Think industrial Android all-in-one tablet PC supports various installation methods such as cantilever type for the production line.


• Offering complete interface functions and can be connected with an external scanning gun.


• It supports WiFi / 3G / 4G full networking mode to realize the requirements of loading monitoring, feeding traceability, low-level kanban, etc.


• In addition, it supports the connection of peripheral devices with production alarm lights, and the abnormal data acquisition will alert the alarm. Through large-scale continuous information, databases to realize the full integration of enterprise information, and creates higher economic benefits for users.

 Touch Think Industrial Panel PC Applies To Intelligent Factory Solutions

Automatic machine tool solution

1) Application products: Touch Think 19-inch industrial Windows all in one panel PC

2) Configuration information: Windows / J1900 / 2G + 32G

3) Features

• In the automatic machine tools solution, Touch Think adopts self-developed boards, and the internal components of the main board reach the industrial level.


• The x86 system platform is convenient for software application and command programming, with a simple operation interface, and automatically completes a series of operations according to preset instructions.


• Custom front panel with a reset button, hard disk indicator light, power switch, etc., which effectively solve the low-efficiency problems of manual operation.

 Touch Think Industrial Panel PC Applies To Intelligent Factory Solutions

Intelligent SOP solution for workshop station

1) Application product: Touch Think 11.6-inch industrial Android all in one panel PC

2) Configuration information: Android / RK3399 / 2G + 16G

3) Features

Touch Think industrial Android all-in-one panel PC adopts the self-developed industrial-grade RK3399 Android motherboards, it can not only expand multi-functional modules but also upgrade different configuration requirements, realize the integration of face recognition technology, RFID card recognition technology, video linkage capture technology, and other technologies, as well as work attendance, workbench fault warning, production safety management, and other systems.


Intelligent identification solution for workshop access control

1) Application product: Touch Think 11.6-inch industrial Android panel PC

2) Configuration information: Android / RK3288 / 2G + 16G

3) Features

• In the workshop access control intelligent recognition equipment, Touch Think integration independent research and development ARM architecture motherboard, 2 million binocular high-definition cameras, 80cm infrared induction, 50000 face recognition databases, millisecond-level recognition speed, and other advantages.


• Built-in card reader, fill light, etc., the whole recognition panel PC is explosion-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof, and adapt to the complex and humid environment of the workshop.

• Provides an SDK software development kit to support users' secondary software development and realize the query of the attendance data of the workshop to ensure the high efficiency and safety of the workshop.

 Touch Think Industrial Panel PC Applies To Intelligent Factory Solutions

Instrument testing equipment solution

1) Application product: Touch Think 11.6-inch industrial Android tablet PC

2) Configuration information: Android / A64 / 2G + 8G

3) Features

• In the automatic detection of instruments and meters, Touch Think adopts an open appearance, which is specially designed for embedded installation.


• It is equipped with a self-developed ARM architecture motherboard. The operation interface is simple and slim body design.


• The display size can be customized according to the size of the detection box to meet the needs of different sizes of the customer's instruments.


• It runs Android configuration software, supports fault warning settings, realizes 100% online quality control of the assembly without reduction, helps users improve detection efficiency, reduce defect rate, and save production cost.


Touch Think has been displayed the above six solutions during the China Industrial Expo 2020 last week. For more detailed solutions and case application information, please contact us.


In addition, in the industrial field, Touch Think has offered nearly 100 application solutions for customers, such as CNC machine tools, industrial robots, 3D machine vision inspection, laser machines, automatic silk-screen printing machines, screw tightening robots, plastic automatic feeding systems, industrial endoscopes, electronic Kanban, clothing production line transformation, surface material manufacturing automation equipment, etc.












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